wooden.it.be.nice started in 2014 when I was inspired to make unique play pieces for my little boy Joshua. Entering into motherhood I realized there was a need and niche market for unique wooden play pieces, and decor. I had ideas of my own for Josh and together with my father-in-law who is a skilled carpenter, we started designing and manufacturing items, from play planes to turn-down tables, bed frames and blocks. We received a few custom order requests and with the support from our family and friends, wooden.it.be.nice was born. I started an instagram page where I then showcased most of our items, and the response was overwhelming. We appreciate all the likes, comments and orders more than we could ever say. So much time goes into each and every piece we sell and our hearts grow with pride when we receive your feedback. 


Being a fashion stylist and graphic designer, it was the natural progression to go into more detailed decor styling, interior decorating and baby / toddler fashion. We have created such cute nurseries, toddler rooms and playrooms and loved working through the journey with our clients. We started a range of printed and personalized growers and T's and look forward to introducing our very own clothing range soon. 

Being creative is a blessing, it comes with passion and vision and working within the baby industry has been a dream come true. 


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