• This pretty and practical climbing frame forms a perfect indoor play piece. Allowing your child to move and climb freely develops their physical and perceptial milestones. 


    Add our dangles and let this frame become a baby gym where your little one can reach and grab and pull on fun dangles.


    Your little one will soon want to stand and pull himself/herself up onto things, well, this balanced frame is great to practice their pull ups, develop their stregth and grip. 


    Purchase our tent cover, and allow the frame to convert into a teepee tent and cute little hideout. 


    Made from maple wood, this frame is strong and sturdy and with just two screws can be folded out to play with, then folded back in for neat and convenient storage in a cupboard. 


    We encourage that even though our frame is sturdy, adult supersion is recomended. 


    Our frame comes in a medium and large size. Images show medium frame.


    Price includes A frame only, the slide is sold seperatly.


    Suitable from ages 0-3 months right up to 12+ years old. 


    A Frame | Birchwood Climbing Frame

    R2 800,00Price