• Calling all inspiring little artists! Our personalized art boxes will entice creativity and inspire all day fun at home as your little can draw and create until their hearts are content.


    These art boxes are not only personalized in that they have your little ones name engraved on them, but we have also designed themes you can choose from. So if cars are his thing, and mermaids are hers, we have sweet icons that go on the front and back of the boards, making it that much more special. Option to leave it plain is also featured in the theme list. The idea is to match the theme of your little ones drawing board with the theme of their art box, or., if they were struggling to choose between two themes, then at least they get to have one of each now!


    The box is 60cm x 10cm x 10cm and made from ply wood so is very light and easy to carry.


    It has 7 comparments for organizing different types of art mediums and stationery.


    Art Box