• May we introduce you to our countdown board. A wooden crafted, engraved and hand painted board perfect to build up excitement as you look forward to your holiday, birthday, Christmas and Easter. Your child can replace the numbers everyday as they count down to their exciting special day. Reversible with chalkboard paint, this set can be used all throughout the year as you count down to special occasions, whether it’s when daddy will be home from his business trip, a birthday or Valentine’s Day... there is always something to look forward to! Comes in a cotton pouch to ensure all discs are kept safe. Option to personalize the bag, perhaps something sweet like, The Hobbs Countdown Board. 


    Set includes:


    0 - 9 numbered wooden tiles

    1 x Days until Christmas tile

    1 x Days until Easter tile

    1 x Days until my birthday tile

    1 x Days until our holiday tile

    2 x Chalk board tiles

    1 x Cotton pouch


    Board Size : 20cm x 20cm


    Personalized Countdown Board | Easter, Christmas, My Birthday, Our Holiday