• Calling all little learners! Our wooden counting boards are a wonderful way to teach your children how to add, subtract and multiply. Using the number discs, add an equation to the top row of the board. Allow your little one to count out their beads or buttons, then move them all across to the last square enabling your child to count out the final answer to the problem. Multiplication gets tricky, but before your children know it, they won’t even need to count out each bead anymore and will be able to give the answer straight away as they have worked through the process in their minds. It's wonderful activity to practice their fine motor skills, counting and problem solving.


    The set comes with a +, -, x, and = sign. As well as double of each number disc from 1 to 20. 

    All sets come with 20 small beads which will fit into the middle slot on the board as well as 5 round buttons and 5 large mustard painted beads.


    Suitable from ages 3 up. Please supervise your little ones as the beads are small. 

    Made from birch ply wood, the counting board, number discs and accessories all fit inside a cotton sack which can be tied and stored, or carried to take with to visits to grannys house. Light and easy to carry, this set is really a lovely start to a wooden learning collection.

    Counting Board - Buttons and Beads Theme