• Kids couture apron is both practical and pretty!


    Available in 3 different sizes:


    Small - Ages 1 -3 

    Medium - Ages 3 - 6

    Large - Ages 7 - 10


    The apron ties at the back of the neck and waist. 


    A beautiful dropped waist frill embellishes this apron. Made with 100% luxury cotton. 


    With option to personalize with a name, nickname or inital in a variety of different colours. 


    We can also print a design specfic to you - please send us all your ideas and we'll be happy to help! Price may fluctuate depending on what is required, but we will be in touch and try accomodate as best we can. Email us: woodenitbenice.info@gmail.com


    Made to order. 

    Kids Couture Cotton Apron | Option to Personalize

    Colour of print