• How precious to have a memory made visible and to be able to be wear your love around your neck and near your heart every day. Made with your breast milk and childs lock of hair, this resin pendant will be placed in a simplistic silver fitting which you can then thread onto a chain or bracelet. Please note that chains and bracelets are sold separately.


    Due to the delicacy of a mothers unique breastmilk and your childs hair, we take pride in treating it with dignity and respect. Therefore, orders can take up to three weeks to complete.

    The item contains a mothers unique breast milk and therefore the colour can vary slightly. Each is handmade and can differ from item to item, including the placement of gold flake, hair etc. We can make up each jewelry item in gold or rose gold, however prices will increase considerably and will have to be quoted on accordingly.



    +/- 16mm


    White colouring:

    Your jewelry can be made with or without white enhancement. Left natural, the pendant won't be as 'milky' looking due to the nature of the product and process - but still beautiful. We do suggest adding white if you want that extra glow as by including it into the resin allows your milk to show up even more beautifully. * Photo reference includes white colouring.



    We can add gold or rose gold flakes to your jewelry if you like.


    How it works:

    Please send us a lock of your little ones hair together with your breast milk in a sealed and leak proof pouch. The milk needs to be fresh or else the process might fail. Best is to send us your breastmilk frozen. It will thaw through the delivery process, but still be perfectly fine for us to use and start your keepsake process. Every milk sachet we get is carefully and meticulously labeled so be rest assured it is in good hands. We will inform you as soon as your item is ready and on its way to you.

    Milk Pandora Bead with Hair

    R1 960,00Price