• Are your little ones back to school and battling a bit to say goodbye? 

    Or haven’t your little ones started yet and you dreading how they are going to be when you have to leave? 

    Well, last year I came up with this idea for my son and thought to share it with you all. Levi is very close to me, his name means “attached”, and that he sure is. I made little wooden hearts, together we painted them all the while I was telling him how much I loved him, how much his teacher will enjoy getting to know him and how much fun he’s going to have making new friends. I placed the hearts by the front door in a pouch and on his way out (my husband drops them off at school in the morning) I would let him choose a coloured heart. I would hug him bye, kiss him and the heart which he would then stick in his pocket and remind him that even though I wasn’t able to be with him, I was thinking of him and love him. His teachers were amazing and knew the symbolism behind the hearts and would ensure they returned safely home everyday. It worked so well, every time Levi would feel he was missing me, I encouraged him to hold the heart we painted and know that I missed him too and would be there soon to fetch him. I did it with my older son of 5 years old too and he loved it, wouldn’t ever leave without a heart and would often say that he held onto it tight if he had a hard day and thought of me. 

    If you think this idea would work for you and your little one, I would be honored to make one for you. 



    1 personalized cotton pouch, a set of paints including a glitter one for extra sparkle, 12 wooden hearts and a paint brush. 


    Allow 2-3 days for shipping. 

    My Heart For You To Hold Pouch