• This beautiful hand crafted rocker is one of our most favorite products. It serves as a core and grip strengthening mobility piece as well as a fun and playful frame. Your little one can stand and pretend they surfing waves, or lie down quielty and read a book. Suitable as a rocker for you baby and the arch of the design adds the perfect amount of comfort for them and their growing little bodies. 


    Turn the frame upside down and it becomes a hide out, a cave and when that fun is over, your toddler can climb on and stand tall on a mountain. It can also be used to lie on and stretch out their little spines, and for the very brave, flick flack off of. 


    Turn the Rocker onto its side and it becames the cutest little shop-shop counter or lemonade stand. The play time is endless! 


    Use with our A Frame and our Step and Slide and convert play pieces into a table where your little one can draw, build puzzels and play with dough. Hop on up for more climbing fun and balance across the beam by climbing up the A Frame, walking across and sliding down the upside down Rocker. 


    Made from Birchwood, this Rocker is strong and sturdy.


    We encourage that even though our Rocker is sturdy, adult supersion is recomended. 


    Our Rocker comes in a medium and large size. Images show medium frame, slide and rocker. It is important to ensure that your sizes match in order to accuratly interlink.


    Price includes Rocker only, the A Frame and Slide is sold seperatly.


    Suitable from ages 0-3 months right up to 12+ years old. 


    Rocker | Birchwood Wood Rocking Frame

    R3 500,00Price