• Wooden wild animal themed alphabet puzzle, with engraved letters, e.g: Ee for Elephant.

    A - Z animal discs whose silhouettes can be sorted and placed, traced or played with. Two tone wood enables your little to clearly pick out the animal silhouettes and have fun using them as stamps in the dough, or make an African Safari adventure with them. Learn your alphabet by tracing out the letters or using the dough to sculpt and shape them - an excellent sensory exercise.


    Our play dough is oil free and therefore can be used on any of our wooden boards. We used our personalized drawing board for this fun activity! It is also made from natural ingredients and therefore completely edible should your child decide to take a nibble.


    Included in the box is a few wooden animal foot print stamps making learning and play that much more fun!


    Also includes 26 alphabet flash cards, with easy to read writing enabling your child to spell or sound out the word of the animal. Beautiful water colour illustrations of each animal are present on the card as well as a few fun and interesting facts about it.


    We really have enjoyed making this unique activity and sensory box up for your little learners.


    Next up: Marine Animals


    The Wooden Box | Wild Animals